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1  Highly Trained Technicians- All of our employees benefit from Carl Rose's experience in training for national brands plus his experience over 39 years of fiber cleaning. No piece of equipment or chemical solution can take the place of a knowledgeable, qualified cleaning technicians…but we do have excellent equipment!


2 Strongest Vacuum, Well-Maintained, Truck-Mounted Equipment.  We purchase only professional equipment that offers the strongest vacuumming power.  If you know your physics, our equipment pulls 405 to 450 cfm. And we provide regular maintenance to insure our equipment continues to perform at its peak.

3 Quality Assurance.  We analyze your carpet or fabric needs before we begin. We assess the fiber type, age, style, weave, backing, soiled conditions and previous treatment. Then we tailor cleaning to your carpet or upholstery specifications from pre-spot to cleaning chemicals, temperature and strength of vacuum.


4 Controlled cleaning.  We control the solutions, the temperature and the vacuum strength to assure professional results.

5 We Pre-Vacuum.  Dry soil extraction is the first important step in the cleaning process. We use our ultra-strong vacuums to remove as much of the dry soil as possible before adding steam cleaning.


6 Spots are history. We'll pre-treat, extract and post-spot until we get the spot out. Or until we determine that it is a stain that cannot be removed. In most cases stains are red, blue yellow or llime.

     We post-spray and comb your carpets so they look as close to new as possible.

12 Reasons To Pick Rose

7 We Use Corner Guards & Hose Insulators.  Corner guards protect your paint, your baseboards, your door casings and your corners from nicks and scrapes. We use Insulators on our solution hoses to protect your hardwood and marble floor surfaces from the heat of the water going through the hoses.

8 We Move Furniture.  We ask you to remove your breakable objects, but we move the furniture, clean underneath it, then move the furniture back and pad the furniture so that it will not stain your carpet or rug. (The pad is easily removed once the carpet is completely dry.)

9 Deodorization.  Included with Every Job We don’t charge extra for applying deodorizer, reodorizer or encapsulant to your carpets.

10 Post Inspection.  Our last step is designed to insure proper drying. We groom the fibers of your carpet for a uniform look so that the carpet or upholstery dries to an even appearance.

11 Fast Drying.  Because our trucks are equipped with commercial grade equipment, we are able to remove most of the water that we put in the carpet. Under stable conditions of humidity, your carpet will be dry in 4 to 8 hours.

12 Guarantee. We guarantee our work. If any spots come back, we will come back too! For FREE. The Rose motto is "constant and true," and it's something we strive for every time.

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