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  • by Phyllis Rose

Great Week Behind. Great Week Ahead.

Wow. What a great week. We cleaned 29,434 square feet of Centiva Contour Vinyl Wood Flooring, a huge, beautiful home in Belle Meade. Plus we cleaned up after the early Thursday morning rain burst through the ceiling at Bellevue Presbyterian Church in Nashville, TN. When you have a small water damage, whether you leave the water running and it overflows onto your carpet or hardwood floors, or the ceiling leaks and douses carpet and upholstery, your best line of defense is to get the water up immediately and set fans in front of the spill to further dry the carpet, upholstery or floor, plus run a dehumidifier if you have one. For big water damages call your insurance company. We're happy to recommend a contractor. Or for small water damages we're happy to help if we have an immediate opening. Call 615-313-7673. #that's313-R-O-S-E


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