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  • by Phyllis Rose

Too Cold To Clean

It was one when we got up this a.m. One. Not wind chill, but actually one degree. And yes, that's too cold to clean. Water freezes at 32. Our truck mount units can clean during temps less than 32, but when it's one, we stay inside like the rest of you should.

Unfortunately there are too many who are outside because they are homeless. Our prayer is that they will have the good sense to find a safe place indoors. Or that a police officer or other good-hearted soul will convince them to go indoors.

Kudos to the two men who spent last night at Bellevue Presbyterian Church during Room In The Inn. Not to mention those who cooked and are doing laundry today. But especially to those who stayed overnight with the 12 men our congregation hosted. And Kudos to all the other congregations who host Room In The Inn.

Stay warm friends. And if you do have a spot, spill or carpet or upholstery cleaning emergency call 615-313-7673 and we'll talk through some remedies until we can get there. It's already 11 degrees. Who knows, Crew Chief Brian Pfister may be running the truck by noon.

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