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Muddy Buddy

Our dog Jake McGee is muddy. He can't help it. His back yard is soaking wet. The street is wet. Everywhere he "goes" is wet and muddy. That means the carpets at the back door and up the steps are muddy. The rug in the living room is muddy. We need Rose Carpet Cleaning at our house as much as anybody, but we get last dibs. So here's what I'm doing in the meantime.

Vacuuming. Once the mud dries, vacuumming with the power beater turned on gets up most everything without leaving a trace. In fact, vacuuming with a well-maintained machine is really all you need between steam cleanings. Vacuuming removes the things you can see…and the things you can't see such as dust and fine particles, hair and dandruff.

Those can't sees are why you should change or clean your bag when it's about 3/4 full. And if it's been a year or so since you've had your vacuum cleaned and checked, it's probably time to take it to the shop. A vacuum repair shop will check hoses, change filters and give your vac a good cleaning.

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