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  • by Phyllis Rose

Where does the time go?

I see our last post was in May when we were gearing up for a full slate of summer work. We have some wonderful College students working with us again this Summer including Ryan Frangoul (UT Knoxville) and Austin Knight (Bethel University). We're also happy to welcome a new full-time employee Lorenzo Simmons...well by new I mean he's been with us for three months and is doing a great job according to our Crew Chief Brian Pfister. Brian is celebrating 4 years with Rose Carpet Cleaning. And as August rolls around Rose Carpet Cleaning is turning 21! Where does the time go?

Everyone gets 24 hours in a day

There's one way we're all equal and that is—as long as we're still living—we all get 24 hours in a day. There are days when those 24 hours seem to fly by.

We have to smile when customers call and tell us we cleaned their carpets a couple of years ago. We pull up our records and find it's been five years, six years, or more!

That's okay. If you meticulously vacuum and don't have much foot traffic you may be able to get several years out of a cleaning. If you're a lively household with pets and children, we recommend cleaning at least every 18 months or sooner if needed.

Time to Say Thanks!

Since we're talking about time, we want to say thanks to our many customers who have been with us for 21 years. Betsy Dodd was our very first customer in 1997 and we recently cleaned, sanitized and deodorized a couple of rugs for her after the passing of her beloved dog "Leisel." We will be making a donation in Leisel's name to Big Fluffy Dog, a wonderful rescue whom we support along with Bonaparte's Retreat. We appreciate our community and we especially appreciate those from the community who support us. Your referrals mean the world to us!

If you have friends looking for the best local carpet cleaning company in Nashville, Tennessee, please tell them to call us at 615.313.7673.

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