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  • by Phyllis Rose

How To Remove Berry Stains

I am a HUGE fan of primarily for last minute dinner recipes. Seems like I'm always trying to start something when we're "hangry."

Today I saw a life-changing post on berry stains. This really works and I wanted to share it with you.

So let's say you get blueberry pie stains on your favorite white shirt. First boil a kettle of water. If you're eating blueberry pie it may be a good idea to start the kettle ahead of time.

Take off the shirt and lie it down in your bathtub.

Next, hold the kettle of boiling water high at arms length and slowly pour the water from that great height. (HINT: It's actually the force and heat of the water that removes the stain.) You can do this with cloth napkins, dish towels, bed judgement from us for eating raspberry coulis in bed!

Getting berry stains on your carpet is a bigger deal. Our first advice is please don't spill berry juice on your carpet. That said, when you do, call Rose Carpet Cleaning and we'll either talk you through getting the stain out yourself. Or for bigger spills, we'll be happy to help you out with a minimum charge spot cleaning.

I'm a little sad that berry season is coming to a close, but melons are ripe and in season. And boiling water does work on melon stains as well.

By the way, have you ever tried infused watermelon water? Easy, Healthy & Tasty!

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