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  • by Phyllis Rose

It's Not Too Late for Porch Cleaning

We've been cleaning some of the nicest porches in Middle Tennessee. Our porch cleaning service includes header to floor cleaning for $1.40/sq. ft. We can clean just about anything you like, but we do ask that you be very specific about what you want cleaned if it is not on the list below. There will be an additional charge.

Our regular process includes:

  • remove cobwebs,

  • dust ceiling joists

  • clean ceiling fixtures/fans

  • clean sconces and lighting fixtures on walls/floor

  • clean walls, casings, doors

  • clean windows and screens inside and out

  • clean glass windows

  • remove mildew (cannot remove mildew staining or etching)

  • clean all types of floors according to manufacturer's recommendations

Additional services include:

  • outdoor furniture/drapery cleaning available: (vacuum, dust, steam clean, deodorize)

  • Antimicrobial and protective fabric treatments available.

  • SanitizeIT to eliminate mold/mildew, other allergens, plus odors and germs

If you want something cleaned that is not on the list (decor items, for example), please provide a description of the item or items so that we can provide you with a cost and have the proper cleaning materials on hand.

How We Got Started

We originally got into the porch cleaning business because our friend Nancy Moore with The Porch Company called to ask if we could clean her porch. We love The Porch Company's work and have found it to be of the highest quality.

The photo above is one of The Porch Company's newest builds. The photograph was taken by Nancy's husband, J. Paul Moore, who is an architectural photographer. Isn't it serene?

Is There A Porch Cleaning Season?

We usually get started toward the end of March, and continue through June. Our July and August schedule does not usually allow for us to schedule porch cleaning during those months. We often pick back up in the fall for customers who are planning September or October parties.

If you're wanting to schedule porch cleaning in the next few weeks, please call us at


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