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  • by Phyllis Rose

A dog, a cat and two happy customers

Last week we had two separate pet odor incidents that left two customers very happy. And it's all because of SanitizeIT…the absolute best deodorant we've ever used at Rose Carpet Cleaning.

SanitizeIT is actually much more than a deodorant. It is an antimicrobial solution that KILLS germs including more than 35 bacteria and viruses living in your home, office, car, RV or other vehicle.

In addition to eliminating germs it also kills bacteria that cause odors, mold, mildew and other allergens. This is especially effective in your HVAC. We simply spray your HVAC and let the solution attack the smelly things that give you the sniffles during allergy season.

But back to the story.

We got an emergency call from a long-time customer who said his male Airdale had urinated under the bed. (Bad news because this customer's bed is the probably THE heaviest bed in Nashville, Tennessee.) Undeterred, Carl Rose brought in the black light (which visibly illustrates where there is urine because it glows) and lo-and-behold there were urine streaks and spots everywhere BUT under the bed.

Carl was able to spray the spots, and the room immediately smelled fresher; and by black-light, the customer visually saw the spots disappear!

Since it was an emergency "work-in" Rose Carpet Cleaning was able to take care of the smell and has scheduled a thorough carpet cleaning of the bedroom for later this week.

Here kitty-kitty…

In a similar incidence, a customer noticed a urine smell in her bonus room—a very large bonus room. With black-light in hand, Carl Rose followed the customer into the room only to find a wall streaked with cat pee.

Once again (wish we had a video) Carl sprayed SanitizeIT on the spots and with the black light in hand, he and our customer watched the spots dissolve. The SanitizeIT spray actually killed the bacteria that caused the odor. Our customer was thrilled!

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