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  • by Phyllis Rose

Our 23rd Year Begins…

On Wednesday, August 13th we woke feeling grateful to begin our 23rd year in business as an independent carpet cleaning company specializing in area rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, wall-to-wall carpet cleaning and odor removal.

Not to mention a handful of additional services cleaning everything from mattresses to porches.

We're especially grateful to Brian Pfister for leading the dorm cleaning teams this summer and everyone who helped including Austin Knight, Catherine Benítez, Alex and Matt Mann, and Irby Bright. You truly are the ivy league cleaning team!

And we're grateful for our new SanitizeIT service. In January we quietly introduced SanitizeIT to our line of services and products. And while being quiet about such a powerful spray has been difficult, we wanted to make sure that we were properly trained and knowledgeable about electrostatic spraying. And now we're ready to make some noise.

We have seen incredible results using the SanitizeIT system over the past few months.

SanitizeIT is a safe and effective disinfectant. It kills MRSA, Staph, H1N1, Salmonella, Legionella and so many more bacteria and viruses. If you have children in a daycare or school this year with an outbreak of any kind, please, please call us. We will make it a priority to spray and disinfect the entire school.

For a list of germs that we can kill with SanitizeIT, download our 3 page pdf here.

SanitizeIT is also good at removing a few other things. Like odors. We have had exceptional results from spraying surfaces and into air returns to eliminate odors from mold and mildew, pets and cooking odors.

Allergy season is coming up. If anyone in your house suffers from fall allergens, we can help clear the air in your home by spraying your HVAC air return. Our regular price is $125 for the first return and $50 for each additional return. Mention this post and we will discount the first return to $99.

Finally, we're grateful to our many customers, friends and followers. Thank you for your loyalty and your recommendations. We also appreciate your feedback. Is there a service you'd like for us to add? Give us a call at 615.313.7673 or visit our booth at the upcoming Nashville Home Show! We'll be at booth #1113. And you can purchase discounted tickets by using our promo code: THANKYOU

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