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  • by Phyllis Rose

Have YOU seen this EWE?

Belle has been safely caught by a couple of Park Maintenance Workers! Way to go!

I'm posting this Lost and Found message because so many of our customers live in the areas where this lost sheep has been spotted. She escaped the Celetic festival in Percy Warner Park on September 7th and has been on the run since. She has been spotted in and around the following areas: Steeplechase, Ensworth, Harpeth Trace, Vaughns Gap Rd, Windsor Terrace, and Westmeade Elementary school. Please report any sightings to 423-393-7768 (423-EWE-SPOT.) If you can...mark the spot where you saw her and tracking dogs may be able to pick up the scent.

We have personally been looking for her while driving and on foot. I've also been following her on her Facebook page @Belle-ewe. I love how the community has come together to search for her and comment about her safety. We personally pray for a happy ending to this story.

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