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  • by Phyllis Rose

Sick of being sick?

One frustrated Mom called recently to inquire about SanitizeIT®. "My kids keep giving each other illnesses. I think we just need to go out of town and have you come in and spray the entire place," she said.

SanitizeIT is an EPA-registered, NSF-certified safe for food grade services solution for killing germs in your home. It is completely safe for use in the nursery, pet bedding, kitchens and every surface in your home.

SanitizeIT kills more than 20 bacteria and viruses that cause the flu and other illnesses.

View our kill list here.

The great news is that as good as SanitizeIT is about eliminating germs in your home, car, RV, laundry, it's also good at the following:

•Eliminating odors

There's no more powerful fragrance-free odor eliminator for pet odors, smoke, cooking odors, etc.

•Killing mold and mildew

•Killing allergens

If you're sniffling and sneezing, not from a cold it may be allergens hiding in your HVAC system. We can spray the system with our solution and electrostatic sprayer to eliminate these problems safely and effectively.

•General cleaning

A 32 oz. or gallon of SanitizeIT solution can be mixed 9:1 for use as a general cleaner around your home, kitchen, bath, even the laundry to effectively clean and brighten your color-fast clothes.

What to expect.

When we come into your home, we'll talk with you about anything specific that you would like sanitized. Pet bedding and children's toys are the most often mentioned, as well as cabinets where linens are stored. Air ducts are priced separately, but we highly recommend spraying them. So we'll have you show us all of the returns. Then we'll ask you to step outside of the room while we're spraying. The reason is that our equipment delivers a super-fine mist into the air that clings to every side of the surface that it can reach. Some people react to this mist with a slight tickle in their throat and the need to cough. Our solution breaks down to salt-water. So imagine breathing a fine mist of salt-water. If our tech has sprayed several homes that day he or she will often wear a light mask—only to avoid the sinus clearing, not because the mist is harmful.

The spray process takes about 30 minutes per 2,000 sq. ft. and dries in about 10 minutes. The solution is fragrance-free, but it does leave what some people refer to as a swimming pool smell, but even that dissipates quickly.

Call today for an estimate for your space.

Call Rose Carpet Cleaning at 615-313-7673 or email us here.

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