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April Showers

Today, it's raining, again. And it's chilly, still. And all of us at Rose Carpet Cleaning are ready to see some fair spring weather. We're also ready for life to get back to some sense of normalcy. That may be a long time coming as COVID-19 continues to infect people with no treatment or vaccine available.

I mention this because if you're wondering why the big gap between January's post and today's late April post, it's because of COVID-19.

Sanitizing & Disinfecting Homes and Offices

Rose Carpet Cleaning has been spray disinfecting and sanitizing surfaces in homes and commercial spaces for well over a year. When we first started offering spray disinfection services customers liked the idea, but those who saw the need for infection prevention were few and far between.

As it happens, the product is a phenomenal deodorizer, so we quickly switched our marketing message to tout the benefits of the product as a super effective odor eliminator that is EPA-Registered and NSF-certified safe for food contact surfaces. We even sprayed it on our pastor when her dog got skunked. Seriously.

We were also able to eliminate the odor coming up from the crawl space of a home that had been damaged by fox urine. (Just in case you've never smelled fox urine, it is the stinkiest odor in the world.)

But five weeks ago, things changes. Now people understand the importance of infection prevention. And we saw it coming when we began hearing about the virus in Wuhan.

I wish we had been more prepared to tackle the "new normal." But when the phones started ringing in February we had only one electrostatic sprayer and one ULV fogger. They couldn't be purchased. Supplies are still short.The electrostatic sprayer we paid $1200 for two years ago is on ebay for $9,000. We were able to borrow a couple of foggers until we could buy several ULV foggers. And then we began spraying warehouses, offices, factories, etc.

As an essential business we were glad to be able to provide our disinfection service. Does it kill COVID? We don't yet know as there is no EPA-registered lab in the country with the virus available to test on product. But we do know that it kills feline and canine coronaviruses and that is how our product became listed on the EPA List N: Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV-2. We believe that it is killing the virus. It does kill H1N1, Influenza B, MRSA and pseudomonas aeruginosa—other scary viruses and bacteria.

Here's what else is scary. Many of the products listed on the EPA List N are highly toxic. One of the top reasons we decided to offer the SanitizeIT service is because the product is so safe. As Carl likes to say, it doesn't even come with a child-proof cap.

We were able to source about 60 gallon containers. So if you would like one it is $40. First come, first served. We do not have spray bottles. If you have an opaque spray bottle at home you can rinse that out and use it. But the bottle needs to be a thick, opaque plastic as light degrades the product. Call 615-313-7673 or email

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