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It's 2020 And We See Good Things Ahead

Every year our business grows a little. I think this year it's going to grow a lot, and the reason is that we have discovered a new solution that does these things: 1) kills germs, 2) eliminates heavy odors, 3) eliminates allergens, and 4) kills mold and mildew. Best of all this solution is so safe you could drink it. (I don't think you would like the taste though.)

This is Alex. He is spraying our air return with SanitizeIT solution using an electrostatic sprayer. It took about 10 minutes for the solution to make its way through the air system and start coming out the vents. When that happened, we shut the system down for 10 minutes and let the solution work. By work I mean eliminating odors, allegens (pet danders, dust mites), any mold or mildew spores that were in the ducts, and killing bacteria and viruses.

When Alex finished and the system was turned back on, I could actually FEEL the difference in the air. It was lighter, fresher. The solution is fragrance-free. I compared the smell afterwards to the ocean but even that went away in a few minutes.

For the next few months we noticed that we were breathing better without sneezing and having runny noses. But because we had one dog—now two—we could tell when it was time to spray again. For us it is about every three to four months.

While this is a new service, it's catching on because when our customers experience the benefits, they can't keep it to themselves. We have solved tons of pet odor problems from dogs and cats. We've also sprayed whole homes for people with lowered immune systems. We've sprayed RVs. Boats. Cars. And even a person who got skunked.

I don't want to put prices here in our blog because that may date the information in future years, but you will be surprised to find out how affordable this new service is. Have you got an auto that smells stale? Give us a call and let us give you a great deal. What about your HVAC? Would you like to breathe easier? Our number is 615.313.7673. Or email.

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