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It's Porch Party Time!

What do we mean by header to floor services? We start at the header removing cobwebs and dusting the ceiling joists, we clean ceiling fixtures and fans (as long as we can reach them with our equipment). We clean scones and lighting fixtures on the walls and floor. We clean walls, casings, doors, windows and screens—inside and out! We remove mildew…as long as the mildew has not etched or stain the surface. And we clean all types of flooring appropriate to the manufacturer's recommendation.

As needed we can add services to the job for an extra charge. We can clean outdoor furniture, area rugs and drapery. We can add antimicrobial and protective fabric treatments. And we can disinfect and sanitize to remove germs, allergens, mold and odors (including items with pet odors).

This is the perfect time for cleaning porches before summer's high heat and humidity can affect our processes. Call now to receive a free estimate. Call 615-313-7673.

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